Kansas City's Legal Resource for Estate Planning, Probate, and Small Business Advising.

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Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Estate Planning is the highly personal process of anticipating and arranging for the transfer of your assets. The primary goal of estate planning is to ensure the transfer of your property to the beneficiaries of your choice at the smallest possible financial and emotional cost.
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Small Business Taxation Guide

Are you opening a new business? Here are six tax tips for new business owners.
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What is Probate?

The purpose of probate is to retitle the deceased persons assets (from the deceased person to living persons) and to pay all legitimate creditors of the deceased. Because the probate process is the last retitling process for the deceased, this process is somewhat formal and designed to give public notice of the proceedings.
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Kansas City Estate Palnning Lawyer

Kansas City Estate Planning Attorney - The Law Office of Ray Kowalczewski, P.A.
Ray Kowalczewski

Kansas City's Legal Resource for Estate Planning, Probate, and Small Business Advising

  • Do you need a Will, a Trust, or a Power of Attorney?
  • Are you starting a Small Business?
  • Do you need help with the probate process?
  • Do you have an existing business in which you need legal advice?
  • Do you have a contract that needs to be reviewed by an experienced attorney?
At the Law Office of Ray Kowalczewski, P.A., we provide our clients with cost-effective legal solutions in the areas of estate planning (wills and trusts), probate, small business advising and contract review. With over 14 years of experience in these areas, we have found the most effective way to help our clients is to listen to their goals and unique circumstances, educate them about their options, then make recommendations to solve their legal problems.

Whether we are drafting a will or helping set up a new business, our approach is simple: to provide you with the best legal advice without overly complicating the process. Contrary to popular opinion, many legal problems can be solved in a very cost-effective manner if they are dealt with early enough to avoid a crisis situation. Many times, it is only after issues are ignored for a significant period of time that they become complicated (and costly).

Why us? Our Law Firm's Philosophy:

We believe in planning. We believe through proper planning most (but not all) problems can be minimized and potentially avoided altogether. This is where our experience in estate planning (wills and trusts), life planning and business planning is critically important. With our knowledge and experience, we can guide you through important decisions and avoid problem areas.

We also recognize that it is not always possible to plan appropriately for all circumstances. When problems do occur, we stand ready to assist our clients within the areas of law that we practice.

In order to provide personalized legal services to our clients in a cost-effective manner, our law firm focuses on the areas of law in which we have substantial skill, knowledge and experience. We represent clients in the following areas:
  • Estate Planning (including Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney)
  • Probate and Probate Alternatives
  • Small Business Planning and Advising (including business formations, corporate law, business law, and contract review)
  • Tax Problem Resolution Services - We also assist people when they run into trouble with the IRS or State taxing authorities.

We offer personalized service from knowledgeable and experienced lawyers. At the Law Office of Ray Kowalczewski, P.A. we can help you achieve your goals through proper and thoughtful planning and problem resolution. We will listen to your specific concerns and recommend legal solutions that are right for you, your family, or your company. Call Ray today to set up a consultation.

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Serving Johnson County area including: Leawood, Lenexa, Merriam, Mission, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee.

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